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July 1, 2001

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Self-Contained Standard NEMA 4 Micro Drive Is Said To Be An Industry First

July, 2001


Self-Contained Standard NEMA 4 Micro Drive IsSaid To Be An Industry First

0701pn-1.jpgABB's ACS 160 drive, said to be the first self-contained standard NEMA 4 micro drive, is the fourth drive series the company offers through its Comp-AC range of low-power drives. (Comp-AC makes it easy for users to customize and order drives online.)

The drives can be used for industrial process control, materials handling equipment and in such HVAC applications as exhaust fans, cooling towers, fume hoods, re-circulating pumps and condenser fans.

These modular units can be wall-mounted or IEC motor-mounted. They are said to be ideal for industrial applications that require motor operation in hazardous and/or wash-down environments. Units are able to respond to input signal changes in as little as 5 milliseconds and cover a 3 hp range, in an input voltage range of 380 to 500 v ac (three-phase configuration). They are also available with a built-in RFI filter, or without.

Three optional drive packages are available: Fieldbus, Dynamic Braking Resistor and Control Panel. They can be mounted integral to the drive. 'Large drive' features built into the microprocessor-based, 'pulse width modulated' ACS 160 drive include: a dynamic brake chopper, electromechanical brake control (no external time and relay control needed), dc bus choke, pulse encoder and Modbus Serial communications.

Built-in stall prevention, power-loss ride through, programmable over- and under-voltage control, a 380% instantaneous over-current trip limit, a 618 v ac over-voltage trip limit, 255 v ac under-voltage trip limit and an over-temperature limit of 221 F, combined with a 180% starting torque, ensures that the drive is virtually trip-less.

In addition to built-in ModBus serial communications, the optional Fieldbus Adapters (IP65) make it simple to integrate the drive readily with centralized control systems; Fieldbus options include Profibus, Interbus-S, DeviceNet, CanOpen, LonWorks and RS485/232. ABB's Windows-based DriveWindow PC Tool is designed to make set-up, commissioning and maintenance easy.

The built-in pulse encoder with position control Macro is designed to make this drive a simple and cost-effective control solution for applications such as conveyors, sorters, turntables and palletizers. The built-in electro-mechanical brake control, together with the pre-magnetized Macro and 180% starting torque, are said to make the ACS 160 a good choice for low-power hoists and trolleys.

Other standard features include PID set point control, IR compensation, V slip compensation, seven preset speeds (via five programmable digital inputs, two programmable analog inputs that may be set for voltage or current input, one programmable analog output, two programmable relay outputs) and flying start into a spinning motor.

Nine application Macros let users select a preset pattern of parameter values and I/O configurations. If none of the Macros are suitable, the user can tailor parameter values and I/O configurations to suit specific application needs. Macros are pre-magnetized for quick-impulse starts.

The drive, offered in two frame sizes, is said to meet worldwide standards and carries UL, cUL and CE approvals.

ABB Automation Inc.
Drives & Power Products Group
New Berlin, WI 

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