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'Blackbox' for mold data

November 1, 2004

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'Blackbox' for mold data

In the same manner that a 'black box' records all flight data for a jet, the new moldMIND product tracks parameters like temperature, cycle time, and number of shots to offer injection companies a definitive picture of a mold's work load, especially if the tool changes hands. In addition to a piezo sensor that tracks the number of shots, thermal sensors measure temperature at two distinct points on the hot runner and mold, and the data are stored and can be downloaded for further analysis.

The system also features an LCD display that shows the total number of shots and current tool status. Any errors are also displayed. Process information is recorded so that not only are total cycles tracked, but cycle times, including longest and shortest in a day, are available. MoldMIND also monitors operating time, downtime, and disassembly time, as well as the maximum temperature and temperature duration.

All data are loaded into an Excel table that can be manipulated to produce diagrams for process analysis and be compiled into a tool database. The system runs on a battery and needs no additional power; the data can't be manipulated, so every significant event is recorded and an accurate picture of the mold's service life is created. Otto Manner Vertriebs GmbH, Bahlingen, Germany; +49 7663 609 397; www.maenner-group.com

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