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The supplier of processing equipment and mold components has established its new headquarters in Loveland near a major logistics hub.

Clare Goldsberry

January 20, 2021

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Alba Enterprises LLC, a privately held firm that supplies the injection molding industry with specialized processing equipment and mold components, has relocated its headquarters to Loveland, CO, from Torrance, CA. The new HQ is strategically located near a major logistics hub and just one hour from Denver International Airport.

“We designed and built the new facility in order to deliver comprehensive, multidisciplinary guidance solving application needs spanning DFM, tooling, thermodynamics, advanced simulation, and machine and auxiliary selection,” said Rich Oles, CEO. “Alba provides project management from part inception, mold build and first articles to delivery and installation of the final production cell.”

Oles explained that Alba’s tag line — “client-driven solution provider” — means meeting clients’ requirements for fully vetted, operational production cells with the confidence that their capital investment will result in timely production of parts. “This process requires an individualized, ongoing, and accountable relationship,” he added.

To support this objective, Alba has added new employees along with 3D-modeling capabilities and mold sampling, all run on Babyplast micro-molding machines supported by a full suite of Vega and Moretto auxiliaries.

“Alba has long provided industry-leading products through its partnerships with OEM manufacturers Babyplast, Vega, and Moretto,” said Oles. “These products, along with our own couplers, are all productivity enhancing components. We also continue to deepen our strategic partner relationships with companies such as Kruse Analysis, AsaClean, HRSflow, Scientific Molding, Kistler, Cold Jet, Angel Hill Technologies, MoldTrax, and a host of innovative mold makers,” added Oles.

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