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Clear overmold TPE debutsClear overmold TPE debuts

August 23, 2008

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Clear overmold TPE debuts

At NPE 2006, GLS (McHenry, IL) introduced the newest addition to its Versaflex family, the OM3000 Series. This new line features both water clarity and excellent overmolding bond strength to PC, ABS, PC/PETG, PC/PBT, and others. With a silky-soft touch, the new grades can enhance a product?s appeal and add comfort, according to GLS.

The company contends that it is extremely challenging to formulate a TPE material that is both water clear and able to be overmolded onto polar substrates such as ABS and PC. The new product is also said to offer designers and manufacturers an exciting new material option to upgrade or otherwise enhance their products.

GLS developed this material in response to trends in many consumer products that call for clarity either for the ability to see through the TPE into the substrate below, or the cleanliness that a ?clear? product represents. In addition, the new TPE can be economically colored with vibrant and brilliant colors and color effects including fluorescent, metallic, sparkle, and pearlescent.

Target applications include, but are not limited to, handheld electronics, computer accessories, small and large appliances, telecommunications, personal care, and infant care.

Versaflex OM3000 Series will be available in a 45 and 60 Shore A, and comes in freeflowing injection moldable pellets. The grades can be customized in hardness or color to achieve specific application requirements.?MM

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