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Ampacet Corp. (Tarrytown, NY), a global supplier of masterbatch compounds with manufacturing operations in 17 countries, has introduced FusionFx, four color palettes that use proprietary technology to produce a random flow of color effects. These effects enable designers to literally create one-of-a-kind products that celebrate individual expression and the raw beauty found in nature's imperfections, says the company.

PlasticsToday Staff

September 25, 2015

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FusionFx produces random color effects in molded parts

FusionFx randomly infuses color into an injection molded polypropylene part, resulting in consistent finished products that never look exactly alike. "The designer becomes the artist," says Linda Carroll, Color Insight Manager at Ampacet.

Applications may include a fishing tackle box with a camouflage look, a plastic outdoor table suggesting the hefty weight of granite, or a trash can with the tactile appearance of cork, says Ampacet, adding in a news release that the aesthetic possibilities are endless. Sporting goods, housewares, caps and closures, toys, personal care/cosmetic products, appliances, sports vehicles and accessories and outdoor furniture are prime opportunities for a makeover using this mass-customization technology.  


The four palettes are Carnival, Cork, Camouflage and GeoClassics, and each one has six standard variations. The FusionFx palette offerings use several colors from the company's 14-color product line, including ROYGBIV color spaces, along with special effects, making customization options virtually limitless.

The letdown rate of less than 0.5% ensures minimal cost impact, according to the company. Effects will vary with every injection process, based on individual processing parameters.

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