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How to Build a Desktop Injection Molding Machine

Step-by-step instructions for building the desktop DIY injection molding machine are on the Action Box channel on YouTube.

Norbert Sparrow

January 28, 2022

If you’re the type who likes to bring their work home with them, that can be problematic when you’re in the injection molding field. Those machines won’t easily fit into your average home workshop, let alone through your front door. A couple of hobbyists in Canada have a solution — a DIY injection molding machine that can fit on almost any desktop.

The video on the Action Box channel on Youtube describes the step-by-step process for building the Injekto molding machine, with the operative word being simplicity. You won’t need a machine shop at home, and you can even build the mold itself using a DIY CNC machine. Instructions for building one also are on the Action Box channel.

Other DIY projects on the channel include a CNC router, spot welder, and — you guessed it — a Mandalorian-inspired flamethrower. I didn’t watch that Action Box video, but I would be deeply disappointed if at some point during the step-by-step instructions, one of the fellows didn’t say: “This is the way.”

The Action Box project apparently came out of the COVID-19 lockdown, when the two hobbyists spent their “leisure time building some crazy machines for the home shop.” They decided to document their builds and, through their videos, hope to “spark ideas in other young and innovative entrepreneurs.”

Their channel debuted in July 2020, and it already has 33.1K subscribers and has racked up close to one million views.

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