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...and put your mold in the toaster over. It's Plastics Month at DIY (Do It Yourself) website makezine.com, the web-based accompaniment to quarterly magazine/book MAKE, and some of the posts are pretty neat.If you're kids, friends or relatives ever want an easy-to-comprehend look at injection molding, then the video on DIY injection molding posted by John Baichtal is a fine example.

Matt Defosse

September 26, 2011

1 Min Read
Injection molding by the numbers: First get some Mountain Dew bottles…

John says this was his first attempt at injection molding, but the fishing lure he created looks good enough to shrink-wrap and hang up in a Wal-Mart.

Other projects posted include a fruit bowl made from plastic toy soldiers, a blowmolding machine using a caulking gun, and a homemade vacuum forming machine. There are plenty more.

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