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August 8, 1998

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Machine trials help this molder see the light

So you're in the market for a new injection molding machine. You've whittled your choices down to a couple of presses but can't decide which is best for you. Why not choose both? The Tech Group routinely does before making a decision. Tom Barnhardt, supply chain manager for The Tech Group's custom molding division, says he ordinarily brings in two comparable presses from competing OEMs and lets them run the same mold. He then assesses the performance, service, and ease-of-use of each competing machine to help him decide which to choose. This worksheet is similar to the one The Tech Group uses to rate its machines on trial. Each section of the worksheet carries a certain factor or weight. The rating in each category for the machine is compared against the maximum for the section and then totaled to generate an overall score.

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