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May 17, 2016

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Meusburger introduces insulation boards and terminal blocks

Steadily increasing quality requirements in moldmaking demand the highest manufacturing precision from standard parts manufacturers. This applies not only to molding plates but also to insulation boards. Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG (Wolfurt, Austria) now offers an optimized standard for insulation boards with a maximum precision of 0.02-mm parallelism over the total length and width. The high-precision ground plates are offered in strengths of 330 N/mm² and 600 N/mm². The insulation boards are coordinated with Meusburger’s standard plates system and are available in the standard parts range from stock as well as custom configurations.

Meusburger also introduced its new E6570 terminal block for limit switches that makes it possible to check several limit switches on the machine at the same time with only one connector. The new product enables clear and easy process monitoring. Up to six limit switches can be used, depending on the application, with a normally open or normally closed contact function. The integrated LED lights make it possible to control the function of individual limit switches. The housing is manufactured out of powder-coated die-cast aluminium, which also allows for use under extreme conditions. The E6570 terminal box and matching accessories are available from stock.

Meusburger specializes in the field of high-precision standard parts for mold and die makers.

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