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Micrometering injection unitMicrometering injection unit

August 23, 2008

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Micrometering injection unit

The latest injection unit design iteration of Battenfeld?s Microsystem 50 is capable of achieving metering accuracies of ±1 mg or less with shot weights ranging from 25 cu mm to 1.1 cu cm. According to Gregor Göbel, division GM of Battenfeld?s small injection machines, the new injection unit will mean a substantial reduction in sprue dimensions. That means there?s less material to cool, which equates to faster cycle times.

The injection unit is a four-stage design. A fixed-auger plasticating screw feeds the material through a shutoff valve to a vertical 5-mm-diameter metering plunger inside of which is a pressure-measuring pin-type piston. A 5-mm-diameter horizontal piston injects the material into the mold at speeds up to 760 mm/sec, braking to within ±2 cu mm (by 250 mm/sec) from the mold parting line. The entire unit, like the entire Microsystem, is all-electric and is controlled by Battenfeld?s Unilog B4, which is precisely tuned to its servodrives and is fast enough to keep pace with them.Göbel says about 40 Microsystems have been sold in 15 countries since its commercial introduction at the end of 1999. Following its U.S. debut at NPE 2000, business has been growing faster in Europe and the Far East than in North America, though sales here are on an upward swing.Though the basic design of the Microsystem 50 remains unchanged, Göbel says we can expect to see more new upgrades to be added over time. For example, an ionization module for neutralizing static charges on parts and in the machine?s working area is available, with plans for more options in the future.Battenfeld of America Inc., West Warwick, RI
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