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Mold thermal analysis softwareMold thermal analysis software

August 23, 2008

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Mold thermal analysis software

A thermal imaging software package just introduced is designed to help moldmakers assess the cooling efficiency of a mold. Mold Inspector is said to ultimately help moldmakers save on scrapped product and downtime. It?s fully user-configurable and allows for setup, display, and archiving of thermal images.

The software, combined with Ircon?s Stinger thermal imaging camera, provides real-time images of hot molds at speeds of up to 60 frames/sec. These image data can then be stored for playback at different speeds, exported into a database for quality control purposes, or used for online process control. Temperature data?including minimum, maximum, and average?can be displayed numerically for each area of interest (AOI) drawn on screen. A thermal image of the characteristics of the mold can be produced by simultaneously displaying absolute and differential temperature images of the process.

The software was written for the Windows platform and point-and-click tools are used for actions such as drawing, zooming, printing, and changing color palettes. Temperature images can be optimized using standard color palettes, and regions of interest in the forms of circles, rectangles, or free-form shapes can be drawn around target zones to monitor hot or cold spots on the mold. The AOIs can be keyed to alarms and can be used as outputs for process control purposes.

Mold Inspector is designed to determine mold wear, cracks, and improper cooling. It can be used in R&D applications to improve mold design or by engineers to see if mold release resins are being applied properly. Plugged cooling ports on the mold are seen as hotspots and can be dealt with prior to running a batch.

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