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The product line addresses the unique demands of high-temperature tooling within the design, around the mold, and throughout the plant.

Clare Goldsberry

March 8, 2021

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high-temperature tooling components
Image: Progressive Components

Progressive Components recently introduced a number of new products designed to make life easier and more productive for injection molders. A growing number of production tools are being used to mold engineering thermoplastics such as polycarbonate, PPS, PEEK, and LSR, which require higher than average mold temperatures or that plasticize at temperatures starting at 300o F. Progressive Components has formed a product line to specifically address the unique demands of high-temperature tooling within the design, around the mold, and throughout the plant.

The new High-Temp CounterView offers the same functionality as the company’s standard cycle counter with the added benefit of sustainability in high-temperature tools operating at a maximum of 375o F. Additionally, Progressive Components offers counters in both left and right versions that can be mounted in either mold half for easy readability from the operator’s side; extension rods allow the counters to be mounted away from parting-line heat.

The exclusive external mount Insulator Block is designed for tools molding high-temperature resins and allows Progressive’s CVe monitors and CounterView to perform at temperatures up to 360o F.

Progressive’s Daters are designed with high-temp specs, ideal for molds running up to 450o F. Locking Detent (DN series), Remains Flush (RF series), and Tapered (DT PR series) versions are available. The Tapered series features a shut-off surface to prevent flash, even when running high melt-flow-index resins such as LSR, nylon, and medium-grade flex PVC.

Progressive Components also added O-rings that provide mold designers more options to route cooling lines within their tools. With an industry-standard that includes the machine groove detail, replacement during mold maintenance is easy to locate and purchase via mold maintenance manager. O-rings are available for both face- and core-sealing applications and are offered in two material options: Buna-N for temperatures up to 225o F and Viton for temperatures up to 400o F. Sizes range from 0.566 OD to 4.872 OD in cross-sections of 1/16, 3/32, and 1/8.

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