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Preventing mold rust just got easierPreventing mold rust just got easier

January 16, 2015

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Preventing mold rust just got easier

Packaging, storing and shipping molds and mold components can now be done faster, and with efficiency and effectiveness to prevent rust with the use of MetalRustGuard, a new product to be unveiled at DMS Components booth W-143 at NPE2015.

MetalRustGuard is a self-adhesive wrap that protects valuable molds from rust and corrosion in any type of climate. While being tough against corrosion, MetalRustGuard is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration and contains no harmful VOC’s in its manufacturing.

The material is composed of two main ingredients that come together to form an incredible barrier against rust, claims MetalRustGuard. First, a hydrophobic polypropylene is used to prevent water vapor transmission through the material. The polypropylene is then impregnated with food grade waxes and oils, which prevents condensation from forming on the metal as outside temperatures change. This also yields greater effectiveness when used on equipment or molds that are being shipped across the country or stored for an extended period of time.

MetalRustGuard is safe and easy to apply, and can be easily removed. The material has extreme moldability to conform to the shape of the mold or component being wrapped. With just light pressure it adheres to molds, components and tooling. The material can also be perforated or custom cut and applied by the end user to maximize coverage and minimize waste. For removal, nothing more than an all-purpose cleaner is needed to remove any wax residue left behind. Because MetalRustGuard is FDA approved, the material is safe to be applied by hand.

The PP base material can also be printed with company logos, which provide excellent branding and a professional, personal touch with packaging.

MetalRustGuard provides excellent corrosion prevention against all elements such as high humidity, marine environments, even direct contact with salt water and even acids have no effect on the material, which has been tested and approved as a corrosion mitigation product by the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps.

DMS Components is the North American distributor for MetalRustGuard. 

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