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Exhibitor Canon Virginia looks forward to introducing attendees to its expertise in microfluidics and hot runners, as well as its proprietary shuttle mold system.

Suzanne Deffree

June 8, 2021

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The hardware within many products across industries is trending toward small, complex geometries that enable entirely new and innovative functions. From intricate medical device parts to automotive components, manufacturers are racing to design and engineer mold-making systems that eliminate prolonged cooling wait time and deliver micron-level precision to create the parts that fuel our world.

One such company is Canon Virginia, transforming the injection molding process with its Shuttle Mold System. Drawing on decades of experience and technical expertise, Canon Virginia has removed conventional injection molding constraints to give customers new design freedom with impeccable precision.

To spotlight the growing need for manufacturers to tackle increasingly demanding applications, Informa Markets – Engineering, the organizers of Plastec, Automation Technology Expo (ATX), Design & Manufacturing (D&M), Pack, and Cannabis Packaging Summit and publisher of PlasticsToday, will present Virtual Engineering Days, a three-day digital conference and exhibition bringing best-in-class education and supplier sourcing directly to the design, engineering, and manufacturing communities.

Taking place June 15 to 17, the virtual event will provide a unique meeting opportunity for the global advanced manufacturing community and features a digital expo floor showcasing many industry-leading companies driving the future of sustainable manufacturing. The conference will have more than 30 sessions across three days that dive into critical issues and trends affecting today's engineers and cover complex design engineering practices, 3D printing, smart manufacturing, packaging, plastics and materials, sustainable manufacturing, and career development.

With Virtual Engineering Days fast approaching, I had the pleasure of speaking with Wayne Daniel, Director of Business Development at Canon Virginia. Daniel will be exhibiting at the three-day online event and shared a sneak peek into what attendees can look forward to learning about at its booth.

Canon Virginia is a world leader in manufacturing services that range from injection mold making, contract manufacturing, and medical subcontracting to aftermarket services. Can you speak to your suite of solutions that produce new products using advanced manufacturing methodologies? 

Wayne Daniel, Canon Virginia

Wayne Daniel

Daniel: Our breadth of generational knowledge has given us the ability to solve small and large problems. Yes, we offer a range of services, but the people behind each of these services are often just as important. Using our mold-making and creative engineering expertise, we have delivered accurate, cost-effective, and efficient results. When looking for a partner to produce new products, you should look for a company of dedicated innovators. We believe Canon Virginia can be that type of partner. The truth is, we can offer anything from integration of technology to mold making to service and support to financial services. It's often better for us to start with the customer's challenge and work from there.

What emergent trends do you see in the advanced manufacturing space, and how is Canon Virginia helping customers overcome the associated challenges?  

Daniel: We can partner in an array of ways, including manufacturing at scale, microfluidic molding, recycled materials, and closed-loop practices. However, while changing manufacturing needs often catch the headlines, we have noticed that companies need a proficient partner to improve manufacturing norms — efficiency, cost, and quality. In addition to those three staples, Canon Virginia focuses on providing the support needed to reduce new product development cycle times and improve overall speed to market, which can allow our partners to respond to the needs of their market quicker.

As a prominent exhibitor at Virtual Engineering Days, can you share what products and solutions attendees can look forward to engaging with at your booth?  

Daniel: We are excited to exhibit our work in microfluidics, in-house hot runners for Canon's mold-making customers, as well as a proprietary production innovation called the Canon Shuttle Mold System. As mentioned earlier, we're looking forward to engaging with attendees and talking about their manufacturing challenges.

What excites you most about connecting with your community at the upcoming virtual event? 

Daniel: Virtual Engineering Days 2021 will give us the opportunity to engage with the industry and discuss current and future trends. We're excited about leveraging the platform to connect with potential partners in technology development or provide manufacturing solutions.

How does Canon Virginia plan to leverage the industry-leading virtual event to further advanced manufacturing and the plastics processing industry?

Daniel: Continuing conversations about advanced manufacturing and plastics processing innovation are important for the entire industry. It's essential to make connections now, more than ever, as we see advanced manufacturing changing rapidly. Through collaboration, we hope to help others find a way forward. We are a company full of problem solvers with diverse expertise and a drive to work together for the common good. We hope these discussions highlight Canon's manufacturing knowledge and advanced technologies.

Register here and access Canon Virginia's booth, exclusive networking opportunities, and technical sessions that matter to you.

To schedule a meeting with Canon Virginia at Virtual Engineering Days, please register for the online event and reach out to Wayne Daniel at [email protected].


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Suzanne Deffree is Group Event Director, Virtual Engineering Days.

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