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Westfall Technik launches with acquisition of Fairway Injection Molds and Integrity Mold

The global holding company is in active acquisition discussions with other tool makers and injection molding operations.

Clare Goldsberry

December 8, 2017

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Westfall Technik launches with acquisition of Fairway Injection Molds and Integrity Mold

Fairway Injection Molds Inc. (Walnut, CA) and Integrity Mold Inc. (Tempe, AZ) have been acquired by Westfall Technik Inc. (Chandler, AZ), a newly formed, global holding company that provides plastics manufacturing services to the medical, packaging and consumer goods industries. Westfall Technik was founded by Brian Jones, who has 30 years of executive experience in the plastics manufacturing industry, including as president of Nypro Inc. at one time.

These acquisitions are the first steps in the realization of a vision to build a market-leading group of plastics experts whose combined synergies and integrated network provide optimal engineered solutions throughout the plastics manufacturing process.

According to the company’s information, Westfall Technik seeks to partner with high-performing plastics solution providers. The company provides 100% inspection and traceability from pellet to pallet and beyond, along with supply chain security compliance.

Westfall Technik’s group of plastics specialists will be built organically and through strategic acquisitions. It is supported by private equity firms Lee Equity Partners and BlackBern Partners that have more than $1.8 billion of combined assets under management. Accordingly, Westfall is in active acquisition discussions with premier tool makers and injection molding operations.

The advantages of the Westfall Technik group reportedly include a focus on quality and productivity at every stage of manufacturing, starting with high-cavitation tooling, reliable automation systems and integrated correlative molding practices. The company also has expertise in barrier and IML technology for a variety of medical and packaging applications from coffee pods to medical disposables.

Rahul “Billy” Nand, Partner at Lee Equity, said: “We are excited to support Brian and the team as they execute on their vision to create a market-leading plastics solutions provider. We look forward to continuing their long-term track record of success in delivering high performance results through Westfall Technik.”

Jonathan Berstein, Managing Member at BlackBern Partners, added, “It is a great privilege to partner with Lee Equity in sponsoring Brian and his team’s ambitious business plan. It is equally rewarding to have well-respected businesses like Fairway and Integrity share in the Westfall vision.”

These prospective new members have complementary core competencies and regional capabilities. They will continue to operate independently and will be linked globally to other world-class suppliers, said Westfall Technik. “Years of experience and know-how combined with international plastics experts ensures not only success today but continuous improvement to stay in the lead."

“We have a non-bureaucracy culture to optimize our customer response time, ensure efficient service and provide excellent customer satisfaction,” said Brian Jones, founder of Westfall Technik.

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