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Machine Uses Electromagnetic Force To Open And Close Molds

Article-Machine Uses Electromagnetic Force To Open And Close Molds

Machine Uses Electromagnetic Force To Open And Close Molds

In an effort to free up tool room space, save time and eliminate strains and injuries, Joe Forrestal has developed the Die-Sep, a mold opening and closing device that uses electromagnets embedded in the platens. It can be used to open molds that need adjustments, cleaning or a 'peek' by an engineer.

In operation, a mold is placed into the open bay of Die-Sep using an overhead crane. The movable platen is maneuvered by a hydraulic ram using a simple lever and is brought to press against the mold. Without stopping, the operator continues to move the platen and mold forward until the other side of the mold makes contact with the stationary platen. The electromagnets are activated, the operator reverses the direction of the movable platen and the mold is separated.

In the same way, molds can be closed. Once the necessary work has been performed on the mold, it is placed back into the Die-Sep, the leader pins are lined up and the platens are brought together. Spring-loaded molds are closed similarly.

Die-Sep can also be used for separating and joining individual mold plates and can be custom designed to handle different clamp pressures.

Die-Sep LLC
Janesville, WI 

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