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Additive provides matte look for PVCAdditive provides matte look for PVC

August 23, 2008

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Additive provides matte look for PVC

A new additive from Atofina Chemicals Inc. (www.atofinachemicals.com) promises to enhance the aesthetic appeal of polyvinyl chloride. Matting agent Acryperl 100 is designed to provide an improved appearance to PVC and other plastic materials. Pearls within the agent typically have 20- to 30-µm diameters that allow for uniform distribution. Compared to traditional matting agents such as high-molecular-weight emulsion resins, Acryperl remains stable and does not turn yellow at high temperatures. It can be blended with a variety of polymer powders and does not require a change in processing conditions such as pressure and melt temperature. Intended applications are in the construction field and include electrical boxes and pipe connectors. Price is $3 to $4/lb, depending on quantity.

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