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Auger feeder copes with material staticAuger feeder copes with material static

August 23, 2008

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Auger feeder copes with material static

Particles charged with static electricity can bog down normal additive feeders and delay processing, but the Movacolor auger system reportedly meters materials more efficiently in these adverse conditions. A specially designed auger, a proprietary software chip, and a larger stepper motor help meter materials, concentrates, and additives of various sizes. Particle size and static electricity levels affect throughputs, but the Movacolor reportedly consistently manages 100 lb/hr. A larger machine capable of 200-lb/hr throughput is in production. Custom-designed water-cooled flanges for PET applications can be used with the auger system, and molders can exchange standard cylinder setups for the auger system mode in a short time without switching neckpieces or flanges.

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