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LATI launches line of PLA-based materials

Italian polymer supplier LATI Industria Termoplastici SpA (Vedano Olona, Italy) has launched the LATIGEA family of thermoplastic compounds based on bioderived-feedstock polylactic acid (PLA). The company says the compostable and biodegradable resin is obtained from renewable and sustainable starch sources, and that it's suitable for applications in a variety of markets, from electronics and home appliances to tools and furniture.

MPW Staff

March 24, 2010

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LATI launches line of PLA-based materials

Stressing the sustainable nature of the grades, LATI says the resin family includes no blends or alloys combining PLA and oil-derived resins. In addition, only environmentally benign fillers and additives will be used, and no oxo-degradable matrices will be applied, with the company saying that technology's decomposition "can not be compared to a proper composting."

With the goal of a "truly" compostable and biodegradable resin, the LATIGEA range of PLAs was rated biodegradable according to ISO 14851:2004 and ISO 14852:2004, and compostable as per UNI EN 13432:2000. One of the LATIGEA grades, B01 L/07, features wood flour, helping fulfill the goal of an eco-sustainable plastic compound. —[email protected]

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