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New Milestone in Flexible PVC

New phthalate-free Pevalen grade delivers durability using less material while reducing CO2 emissions.

Geoff Giordano

January 30, 2024

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Perstorp has introduced a sustainable innovation in PVC plasticizing that features 100% renewable carbon content and an 80% reduction in carbon footprint relative to its fossil-based equivalent.

Pevalen Pro 100 advances non-phthalate plasticizers and sets a new benchmark in flexible PVC, the company said, by applying chemical and physical traceability and factoring in biogenic CO2 uptake from renewable raw materials. The new grade of Pevalen is a drop-in replacement that reduces CO2 emissions throughout the value chain.

Preserving a valuable resource

“We know that PVC can be a valuable resource, if it is made, used, and disposed of thoughtfully,” explained Linda Zellner, innovation director at Perstorp. “Flexible PVC is incredibly useful and would be hard to replace. Plus, it’s a material that already offers excellent recyclability if produced in the right manner and with the right ingredients.” This new grade of Pevalen “is a big milestone to contribute to this journey. It delivers greater durability using less material, lasts longer, and also offers a significantly better environmental profile.”

Accelerated processing

The new grade enables faster processing while using less material and energy, and also exhibits low volatility, an improved eco-toxicity profile, and safer handling because of its phthalate-free chemistry.

‘’When Pevalen was first launched in 2014 as a premium performance alternative to phthalates, we already had intentions to continue developing the product and add grades with better environmental credentials,’’ said Martin Hansson, business manager for plasticizers at Perstorp. “This became reality in 2019 when Pevalen Pro 36 was launched. Now we are proud to lay out the last piece of the puzzle and complete the product range with Pevalen Pro 100.”

Along with Perstorp’s other sustainable products, Pevalen Pro 100 is ISCC PLUS certified — meaning all renewable and recycled raw materials used are ISCC certified from point of origin throughout the value chain. 

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