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New Titanium Dioxide Pigment Reduces Masterbatch Carbon Footprint

Novel technology enhances sustainability while improving masterbatch processability and profits, according to Chemours.

January 26, 2023

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A rutile titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment designed to enhance processing performance in plastics applications, including polyolefin masterbatch, has been introduced by the Chemours Co. The grade reportedly achieves up to a 6% net reduction in the carbon footprint of the pigment manufacturing process through masterbatch production compared with conventional TiO2 pigments.

TS-1510, the newest pigment in Chemours’ Ti-Pure Sustainability (TS) series, was developed to address customer challenges and improve their production rate and processing, said the company. A novel technology is used to produce this pigment with enhanced material bulk density to address these issues while improving profits and the processability of masterbatch.

The benefits to masterbatch producers include:

  • Up to 12.5% processing energy reduction for plastics processing;

  • improved line productivity, enabling up to a 30% increase in compounding;

  • higher bulk density resulting in a 50% reduction in package height, reducing storage space and warehouse costs;

  • easier and more complete unloading with faster feed rates;

  • increased flowability driving efficiencies in energy and labor;

  • enhanced handling through low dusting;

  • packaging designed for ease of recycling and reduced material usage.

“The introduction of Ti-Pure TS-1510 reflects our commitment to developing new products that advance the state of the industries we serve,” said Cherie Stancik, Product Development Manager, Plastics Segment – Titanium Technologies at Chemours. “In developing this innovative TiO2 grade, we assessed the chemistry and pigment design of the new product, as well as its performance in plastics applications, to deliver a solution with multifaceted benefits. There are currently no TiO2 plastics grades of comparable properties or extensive benefits in the open market today, and we’re confident that the introduction of Ti-Pure TS-1510 will create lasting value for our customers.”

The new level of processing efficiency enabled by Ti-Pure TS-1510 will help direct and downstream customers reduce their environmental footprints individually and improve sustainability for the plastics industry as a whole, said Chemours in the announcement.

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