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Online part-cost estimator highlights recycled material savingsOnline part-cost estimator highlights recycled material savings

Custom molder AGS Technology (Schaumburg, IL) has launched a do-it-yourself plastic part quoting module based on its Injectoblend line of recycled materials, hoping to show potential clients the cost benefits of its in-house compounded recycled plastic. The AGStimator program reportedly generates a quote in less than a minute once users enter a part number, tooling, annual volume, material type, part weight, molding machine size, number of cavities, cycle time, and labor/operator requirements.

Tony Deligio

May 5, 2010

2 Min Read
Online part-cost estimator highlights recycled material savings

AGS VP George Staniulis told IMM that the company's materials can be anywhere from 20-40% cheaper. AGS compounds those materials itself, using recycled plastics and scrap for feedstock. It skips the pelletizing step, however, to remove a compounder from the process stream, which in addition to eliminating a layer of cost also lessens the plastics' heat history. With this cost advantage, Staniulis says AGS can target "shoot-and-ship" jobs that other molders can't, using lower-cost resin as a selling point. "We're a green and sustainable company, and that's good, I don't want to belittle that," Staniulis says, "but our concept was to be a low-cost producer."

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