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Demand among processors, compounders and brand owners and OEMs for guarantees that products will not fade in sunlight has created a growth market for light stabilizer additives, and one company benefitting from this demand has been additives supplier Cytec. The company, based in Woodland Park, NJ, has announced that a project is underway to significantly increase the capacity of its light stabilizer production facility in Willow Island, WV.

MPW Staff

January 24, 2011

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Plastics additives: Cytec announces expansion of production facilities

"Global demand for high performance UV protection for plastics and coatings is growing," said Domenico Romanino, global business director, polymer additives. "We are expanding our manufacturing capabilities for several product lines including our Cyasorb THT and Cyasorb Cynergy Solutions stabilizers to meet our customers' needs and leverage the value we bring to them. The expansion of the production facility is expected to be completed beginning 2012," he adds.

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