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April 1, 1999

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Product News - High-Pressure Cylinder Metering Machine Is For High-Viscosity AndFilled Materials

High-Pressure Cylinder Metering Machine Is For High-Viscosity And

Filled Materials

pn10-499.jpgThe Lancer high-pressure cylinder metering machine has an output range   of up to 30 lb/sec with shot sizes up to 80 lb. Menus provide for infinitely variable ratios from 10:1 and 1:10 and can attain metering accuracy of ± 0.5%.

It is designed for use with high-viscosity and filled materials, as well as with recycled materials; applications are in the aerospace, automotive, furniture and sporting goods industries.

The Lancer is available in two-, three- and four-cylinder models. Smaller models are built on a unitized frame, while larger models are provided in modular assemblies.

Standard features include 60-gal jacketed tanks with four-point level sensors, electric agitators, closed-loop cylinder metering, cylinder seal lubrication, Allen-Bradley PLCs, Man-Machine Computer Interface, 100 pour time settings and weekend cycle. There are 20 options.

The control system monitors pressures, velocities and temperatures and logs process data for the last 50 shots. The manufacturer's MicroprocessVU Data Collection Package can be provided as an option. Pricing information is available from the manufacturer. Use the Key Contact Directory.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

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