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Two-material LIM now possible

August 23, 2008

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Two-material LIM now possible

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding is a thriving market. The process, which reportedly offers molders improved flow characteristics and faster cycle times, makes it possible to manufacture complex, stress-free parts while eliminating some of the problems associated with organic rubber. And now, a new capability has been introduced--multimaterial processing.

Engel's LSR process accommodates two different colors or two different durometers (for hard/soft applications). Typical applications include sealing applications for the automotive industry, keypads for the electronics industry, and fluid delivery systems for the food, drug, and medical industries.

The most recent LIM installation (pictured) uses a 300-ton toggle machine with dual injection units, both fully integrated into the machine control. The press features a moving platen configuration that includes a reciprocating indexing shaft to demold and move parts into the second mold half. A variety of injection units such as LIM-screw and LIM-plunger are available. An integrated control includes dosing of A and B components. RISC-based multiprocessor control lets the user integrate an entire molding cell with a single machine controller. Pricing information was not given.

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