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3D Systems Partners with Biopharma Innovator to Advance Regenerative Medicine

Theradaptive’s naming of 3D Systems as its exclusive 3D-printing partner is said to represent a “technological convergence” of medical additive manufacturing and novel material-binding regenerative therapeutics.

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August 8, 2023

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3D Systems has entered into a commercial agreement with Theradaptive, a biopharmaceutical company innovating in targeted regenerative therapeutics. The agreement names 3D Systems as Theradaptive’s exclusive 3D-printing partner. The companies said they intend to deliver a novel approach to promote bone and tissue growth using Theradaptive’s unique protein-based material-binding variants to coat 3D-printed medical devices.

Theradaptive's protein-engineering technology was developed by Luis M. Alvarez, PhD, after he witnessed extremity injuries that resulted in delayed amputations among service members. His subsequent research into bone and tissue regeneration at MIT focused on addressing the limitations associated with existing regenerative medicine approaches, such as achieving anatomically precise outcomes and ultra-persistent local delivery of therapeutics. The first applications of this technology have already earned three Breakthrough Medical Device designations from the FDA to address degenerative disc disease and spinal fusion.

3D Systems has worked with surgeons for more than a decade planning more than 150,000 patient-specific cases, and additively manufacturing more than two million implants and instruments for  CE-marked and FDA-cleared devices. The Rock Hill, SC–based company has also made significant strides in regenerative medicine, most recently announcing its Regenerative Tissue Program.

“This agreement enables an exciting technological convergence of 3D Systems’ cutting-edge advances in orthopedic and soft tissue additive manufacturing and Theradaptive’s material-binding regenerative therapeutics,” said Alvarez, CEO and founder of Theradaptive. “Uniting these two world-class technologies promises to provide safer and more effective treatment options for patients who currently have few options. This partnership sets the stage for many new products that will have the potential to significantly improve patient care,” said Alvarez

In addition to being named as Theradaptive’s exclusive 3D-printing partner, 3D Systems also made an $8 million investment in the company.

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