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Adhesives for Medical Wearables Pass ISO 10993-10 for Skin Sensitization and Irritation

The light-curable adhesives are designed for bonding SS, PC, PI, PVC, TPU, and low-surface-energy substrates.

November 5, 2021

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medical wearable
Image: Dymax

A series of light-curable adhesives designed specifically for medical wearables has been introduced by Dymax.

The 2000-MW adhesives reportedly are the first of their kind to pass ISO 10993-10 for sensitization and irritation. Dymax has addressed device manufacturers’ concerns related to these issues by eliminating TPO, a material of concern, and IBOA, a known skin irritant, from the formulations.

Designed for bonding SS, PC, PI, PVC, TPU, and low-surface-energy substrates, the adhesives are also engineered for reliability with excellent adhesion and aging performance, said Dymax. The 2000-MW series cures with broad-spectrum light energy; some products provide durable protection during autoclave sterilization.

The solvent-free adhesives are environmentally friendly, one-part formulations and meet ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity biocompatibility requirements. Typical applications include devices worn in close proximity to the skin, such as continuous glucose monitors, large volume injectors, and patient-monitoring and pain-management devices. Fluorescing grades are available for high-speed automated vision systems used for quality control purposes.

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