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A webinar hosted by Husky will outline how these advances bring greater capacity and new processing capabilities to injection molders while reducing production risks.

May 24, 2022

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It’s well known by injection molders that hot runners improve melt control and processing performance, and have a positive effect on part quality and throughput. Although hot runners increase the initial cost of a mold, the return on investment can be substantial through reduced resin usage, improved cycle times, and the elimination of post-processing steps. Hot-runner and associated control technologies continue to evolve, and a forthcoming webinar hosted by Husky will outline how these advances further enable greater capacity, new processing capabilities, and reduced production risk.

Husky’s Derrick Hennebicque will share his hot-runner expertise with attendees of the free webinar on May 25 at 2 PM Eastern time. In particular, he will discuss a valve gating breakthrough that achieves new levels of quality, the impact of temperature and pressure on resin and how that affects part quality, and the use of control and traceability technology to reduce risk and increase process integrity. The webinar will be especially valuable for molders working in the medical sector or who are involved in complex molding projects.

Registration is free for the one-hour webinar scheduled for May 25 at 2 PM Eastern time. If that day and time is not convenient, you can attend the webinar on demand at a later date, but you must register first.

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