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The injection molder has received MedAccred accreditation for its injection molding, over molding, and mechanical assembly services, placing it among a select group of companies serving the medical technology market.

Norbert Sparrow

December 2, 2020

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Injection molder Intertech Plastics LLC announced today that its medical division has received MedAccred accreditation for its injection molding, over molding, and mechanical assembly services. The designation establishes Intertech’s compliance to critical manufacturing process requirements and places the company among a select group of injection molders serving medical device OEMs. The MedAccred program is administered by the Performance Review Institute and constitutes an industry-managed, consensus-driven approach to ensuring manufacturing process quality throughout the medical device supply chain.

“At Intertech, precision is our purpose. Quality is everyone’s job and we are focused on proactively illuminating the risk of having a defect,” said Jim Kepler, President. “Being among the handful of plastic processors to receive the MedAccred accreditations is a testament to our culture, commitment to innovation, and laser focus on quality.

“The audit process verifies that we have met industry requirements in process capability, equipment, quality controls, qualified personnel, and process validation and eliminates timely steps for our potential customers,” added Kepler. “We want to support medical device manufacturing in the United States, and this is a step in the right direction.”

The medical device division accounts for about half of Intertech Plastics’ overall business, Kepler told PlasticsToday, and it is growing at double digits. “We project 30% growth in our medical business in 2021,” said Kepler.

To support that growth and continue to meet future demand, Intertech Plastics announced in October of this year a $2-million investment to expand and improve its cleanroom capabilities. The company is adding nine 300-ton injection molding machines, new gowning rooms, LED lighting, and a HEPA HVAC filtration system. The project is expected to be completed by the first quarter of next year.

When I asked Kepler if the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the company’s growth this year, he acknowledged that it has had a positive impact on business, “both in greater demand of current accounts and OEM demand from reshoring efforts.” But the virus will be vanquished eventually, and Intertech Plastics is not distracted by momentary bursts in demand. “We are projecting similar [30%] growth at our industrial facility next year,” explained Kepler. “So the overall portfolio business (medical concentration) should remain unchanged.”

To learn more about the MedAccred program, read this PlasticsToday article, published shortly after the injection molding category was implemented. 

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