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December 1, 2000

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Leak Detection System Targeted At Medical Disposables

Leak Detection SystemTargeted AtMedical Disposables

A leak detection system for injection molders of medical disposables is the first product resulting from a joint venture between Automated Assemblies, Clinton, MA and Innovative Products and Equipment (IPE), Lowell, MA (Jan '00 PA, p 29). Typical applications include pipette loading, bloodfilter assembly and pregnancy tester assembly.

The system consists of an Automated Assemblies' AZ-100 Series Servo Express robot and the leakdetector. In operation, the robot removes parts from the mold and places them in a receiving nest. 'Bad' partsare separated from 'good' parts (asindicated by the injection molding machine) and are removed.

The system then tests the good parts with a 20,000-v charge through an electrode placed inside each part. The ground plate is positioned directly outside the part and checks for a completed signal that would indicate a leak.

Pricing is dependent on the number of cavities and the geometry of the part, but a complete system (robot and leak detection unit) starts at over $200,000.

Automated Assemblies Corp.
Clinton, MA

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