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The partnership creates a one-stop shop for medical device OEMs seeking high-performance polymers in the form of machinable shapes.

PlasticsToday Staff

April 30, 2021

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Compounder Foster Corp. has entered into an exclusive sales agreement with Drake Medical Plastics Ltd., a convertor of high-performance polymers into stock shapes and precision parts. Signed on April 1, 2021, the agreement streamlines Drake's and Foster’s services to customers in the medical device marketplace globally, and creates a one-stop shop for high-performance polymers in the form of machinable shapes, said Foster in making the announcement.

Based in Cypress, TX, Drake Medical Plastics provides resin-to-shape polymer conversion into rod, plate, and tube for machined components for the medical and life science industries. Stock shapes provide customers with a quick and economical route for prototypes and scale up to commercial manufacturing. Depending on volume, machined parts can be a flexible platform for production parts with little to no capital investment, said Foster.

Currently, Foster provides highly engineered materials and compounds for specialty medical and life science applications. With this collaboration, medical compounds, including highly filled materials, will be available in machinable shapes made from Foster’s full range of polymer compounds.

“Our focus on problem-solving with highly engineered polymer solutions in the medical market segment is in direct alignment with Drake’s strategy,” said Larry Johnson, Vice President of Business Development at Foster, in a prepared statement. “Both of our companies focus heavily on great customer service and meeting critical customer expectations.” 

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