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New Heat-Seal Coating for Medical Packaging Improves Strength, Breathability

Article-New Heat-Seal Coating for Medical Packaging Improves Strength, Breathability

Image: Amcor ACT2100 coating on production line
Global production of the ACT2100 coating shortens supply chain for medical packaging customers.

Packaging titan Amcor formally introduced a new heat-seal coating for medical-grade DuPont Tyvek and paper packaging applications at the co-located Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West and Plastec West event in Anaheim, CA, this week. PlasticsToday spoke with Brian Ingraham, R&D Director, Healthcare, who explained the benefits of ACT2100 for medical packaging suppliers and device OEMs.

“ACT2100 has three major advantages in healthcare packaging — higher seal strength, breathability, and production at multiple global locations,” said Ingraham.

Increased seal strength provides customers with a greater sense of security and also helps with transportation, testing, and sterilization, said Ingraham.

Improved breathability allows customers to look at their sterilization cycles and, possibly, shorten them, added Ingraham. “The material’s breathability is two times better than the next alternative,” he said. “That helps to evacuate EtO sterilization residuals, which is a critical piece. Although packaging tends not to be the limiting factor in residuals, the improved porosity gives customers greater peace of mind.” The material also features a fiber-free peel, and the white adhesive will not yellow following sterilization.

The third advantage of ACT2100 is its global availability; it is manufactured in multiple locations worldwide, shortening the supply chain and allowing customers to source it at the most suitable location for manufacturing and packaging their devices. “Typically, coated Tyvek tends to be regionally focused,” explained Ingraham. “Europe has one set of products, North America has another. As a global company, we are able to manufacture this product globally. Right now, it’s being produced in North America and Europe; it will be available in Asia Pacific later this month,” said Ingraham.

All of its Tyvek adhesive and paper products are available with a range of companion materials, noted Amcor. ACT2100 is compatible with polymers typically used in healthcare packaging, added Ingraham. “We have not found any limitations so far.”

The broader seal range of ACT2100 in combination with a number of materials allows for a wider operating window for manufacturers, and the increased seal strength provides more robust package integrity through distribution, said Amcor.

Amcor devoted two years of research into the development of ACT2100, which is designed to respond to evolving demands from its healthcare customers. “Our customers are always pushing the sterilization envelope, the transportation envelope, and we’re trying to make sure our products stay ahead of the curve,” added Ingraham.

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