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Pre-Filled Syringe with NFC Tag Gives Medical Personnel and Patients Easy Access to Vital Information

NP Plastibell plans to use the technology to bring connectivity to other medical devices, including surgical instruments and implants.

April 28, 2022

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pre-filled syringe with NFC tag
Image courtesy of NP Plastibell

A pre-filled syringe with an overmolded near-field communication (NFC) tag allows medical personnel and patients to validate the device's legitimacy, view manufacturing history, see usage recommendations, and access other important information or warnings. The new product developed by NP Plastibell incorporating a miniaturized NFC tag from STMicroelectronics (ST) will be presented to Pharmapack attendees in Paris on May 18 and 19.

NP Plastibell said in a press release that it faced a range of challenges in developing the connected syringe. In addition to creating a manufacturing process to embed the NFC tag in the syringe and protect it from the medical contents, ST helped NP Plastibell overcome constraints linked to the life cycle of pre-filled syringes. In particular, the electronic components needed to be protected from autoclave sterilization temperatures that can exceed 130°C.

“NFC tags can store product-specific information in web links or even in a dedicated app,” explained Yvon Gourdou, EMEA Application and Marketing Director, Microcontrollers and Digital ICs Group, STMicroelectronics. “In this connected syringe, the tag helps medical staff get accurate information quickly on their mobile phone or using an NFC reader to find out the correct dosage, special instructions, expiration dates, storage conditions, or any other important data. Patients can also easily set up reminders by scanning the tag with their mobile phone.”

NP Plastibell said it is planning to further develop connected medical devices based on ST’s ST25TV NFC tag IC. "Once this technology is on the market, we can extend it to other medical products and bring similar connected value to equipment such as surgical devices, implant packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and diagnostic devices," said Matthieu Besse, R&D Manager at NP Plastibell.

Specializing in the processing of polymers, composites, and precision metal parts, NP Plastibell is part of the Clayens Group, headquartered in Genas, France. It supports OEMs in the development, industrialization, and manufacture of medical devices and plastic components in accordance with international regulatory requirements. The company operates seven manufacturing sites in France, Mexico, and Poland, some of which are equipped with ISO Class 7 cleanrooms.

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