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The funding from the US departments of defense and health and human services supports plastics compounding for diagnostic testing applications.

May 9, 2022

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Image courtesy of Premix

Premix Inc., the US subsidiary of Finland-based Premix Oy, has been awarded a $79.9 million contract by the US Department of Defense, working with the Department of Health and Human Services, to build a plastic compound manufacturing plant in North Carolina. The plant in Gaston County will produce primarily plastics for diagnostic testing applications. It is slated to be operational by September 2025.

The family-owned Premix Group is a well-established supplier of electrically conductive plastics. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Premix ensured the production of global PCR tests by securing the availability of the electrically conductive plastic resin that is used to manufacture pipette tips. The new state-of-the-art facility will produce plastic compounds primarily suitable for pipette tips to meet the growing demand and stringent quality requirements for diagnostic testing. The increased production capacity will result in material for pipette tips enabling more than 200 million COVID-19 PCR tests monthly.

Plastics compounding plant and headquarters of Premix in Finland

The headquarters of Premix Oy in Finland.

“The new capacity will improve Premix’s global supply capability and mitigate risks in global supply chains,” said Jari-Matti Mehto, President and CEO of Premix Inc. “With the new US factory, we will improve our ability to serve our customers in the important US market.”

Premix customers in North America will enjoy local production and services, ensuring faster delivery speed and reliability. Current and future customers elsewhere in the world will benefit from Premix’s ability to deliver high-quality materials from two different continents.

When fully operational, the facilities will employ about 30 to 35 people in Gaston County, as well as support additional jobs with service providers and subcontractors both during construction and while operational. Some recruitment has already begun.

Although wages will vary for each position, the average annual salary for the new positions is $54,063, which exceeds Gaston County’s overall average annual wage of $44,781, reported the North Carolina Department of Commerce. The new jobs have the potential to create an annual payroll impact of more than $1.7 million, it added. 

The agreement was funded through the American Rescue Plan Act to enable and support US domestic industrial base expansion for critical medical resources. It is a result of a strong working relationship between Premix and federal, state, and local authorities and economic development organizations in the United States, said Premix in its announcement.

Based in Rajamäki, Finland, Premix Oy develops electrically conductive plastics that control static electricity in the automotive, electronics, diagnostics, and healthcare sectors. Its most recent development is an active antimicrobial technology used in food and healthcare products. The 40-year-old family-run business believes in keeping its promises, appreciating its partners, and working with inspiration and passion for a better future, states Premix on its website.

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