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New software previews tool design

Article-New software previews tool design

Would you like to discover design problems before they become reality in the tool? QuickPreview is tooling software that allows designers to see a digital mockup of the tool and address design issues sooner rather than later.

QuickPreview is a standalone application that can work with any CAD/CAM system. According to manufacturer Cimatron, it?s the only software that allows tool designers to address critical decisions, perform qualitative analysis, and conduct collaborative design reviews, all with the goal of saving time and cutting costs.

The program allows designers to analyze each component according to its draw direction by performing analyses to identify undercuts and vertical areas. It can also split parts into core, cavity, slides, and lifters within minutes through user-defined split direction. Parts and sections can be annotated with dimensions, points of interest, and labels.

QuickPreview can also be used as a collaborative tool, allowing designers, suppliers, and customers to conduct visual model-review sessions held in conference call format from remote locations via the Internet. Users can highlight and circle sections of a design for discussion, and animate core/cavity and slide actions.

Besides the visual benefits, QuickPreview also provides some technical advantages. The program can read and write data from IGES or Cimatron native files; all imported files are translated into a binary format, making the reading of resulting files much quicker. Furthermore, designers can calculate dimensions such as volume, mass, and surface area.

Since QuickPreview transforms complicated designs from CAD into easier-to-understand 3-D models, Cimatron says that communication among those involved in the toolmaking process?from tool designers to shop owners?is streamlined and improved. QuickPreview is priced at $3000.

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