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Colorfully Unique Special Effects for Plastic Packaging

Penn Color’s penneffex packaging variations for PET packaging engage consumers using matte, brushed metal, frost, metallic, luster, and bubble finishes.

PlasticsToday Staff

August 26, 2020

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Special effects work as well for packaging as they do in movies in drawing attention.

Penn Color’s new penneffex products for monolayer and multilayer rigid PET packaging deliver a high-end, eye-catching finish for plastic packaging and products. With nearly unlimited customization options, the line draws on the company's creativity, expertise in colors and special effects, and knowledge in manufacturing processes to inspire creative brand design ideas in bottles and other containers in product categories such as home care, personal care, food and beverage, and more.

Variations including matte, brushed metal, frost, metallic, luster, and bubbles offers brands a powerful way to engage with the consumers’ senses and emotions. The products utilize creativity and advanced technologies to bring product packaging in line with brand’s messaging and values such as high-end quality, sustainability, transparency, and more.

“The core concept of penneffex is to create building blocks of unique and differentiated colors and special effects for product design teams to be used in bespoke formulations developed ‘live’ with customers in our technical center,” said Phil Riccardi, Industry Manager Packaging North America. “In a typical three-day blitz session, we utilize our extensive capabilities and a fast iteration process, to design and prototype 70 to 80 unique concepts, which are presented in their finished part form: with penneffex, creativity has no boundaries and our development process reduces time to market by months”

Simon Clarke, Industry Manager Packaging Europe & Asia, said, “for example, through our own prototyping capabilities and our close relationship with leading equipment manufacturers, we can use multilayer co-injection to explore hundreds more design combinations.”

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