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Works with Taiwanese partners to develop in-mold labelling (IML) solution for ready meal bowls

Stephen Moore

August 29, 2017

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Engel brings high productivity packaging solution to Thailand

"The packaging industry is one of the especially fast-growing sectors in Southeast Asia, and is one of the innovation drivers at the same time", states Romain Reyre, President South East Asia for Engel. "There is hardly another sector in which the per unit cost is under higher pressure than in the packaging industry."

Amid this market situation, Engel is proposing in-mold labelling (IML) as a technology for productivity enhancement and such a system will be on show at T-Plas 2017, September 20 to 23 in Bangkok, Thailand

The e-connect.monitor tool from Engel looks into the interior of the barrel to evaluate the condition of the plasticizing screw; it no longer needs to be removed for inspection.

For the production of oval bowls – used, for example, for packaging ready meals – the e-mac 440/180 injection molding machine to be shown at T-Plas is integrated with equipment from Asian partners who are familiar with the requirements of local molders. The four-cavity mold comes from CNN Plastic System, based in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Further, IML automation is implemented by JET Engine Automation, also based in New Taipei City. "The collaboration with local partners makes it possible for us to guarantee superior cost-efficiency for our customers, even for very sophisticated, innovative technologies, and to also keep the delivery times for the complete production cell short," emphasizes Reyre.

The e-mac machine in Bangkok will be equipped with the iQ weight control system that detects fluctuations in environmental conditions and in the raw material, and automatically compensates for these shot-by-shot. Throughout the entire process, it maintains a consistent melt volume, thereby preventing the production of rejects.

Engel is presenting two more assistance systems in Bangkok: iQ clamp control and iQ flow control. While iQ clamp control calculates the mold breathing in order to determine the optimal clamping force and automatically adjust it, iQ flow control optimizes the mold temperature control. To achieve this, the software connects the electronic temperature control water manifold e-flomo with the temperature control unit, and is thereby able to continuously adjust the pump speed to the actual requirement. This results in even higher energy efficiency.

The e-mac machine is also outfitted with Engel’s with e-connect.monitor, part of the company’s inject 4.0 suite. This software enables inspection of process-critical components such as the plasticizing screw during operation and to establish a reliable prognosis of its remaining useful life. With this condition-based, predictive maintenance tool, the useful life of machine components can be fully utilized without the risk of unplanned system downtime.

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