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Breakfast cereals packaged in the multilayer, co-extruded box-in-box liners are on store shelves now in the United Kingdom.

Kate Bertrand Connolly 1, Freelance Writer

June 25, 2021

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Coveris Cereal+ liners
Image: Coveris

Coveris, a flexible-packaging developer based in Austria, has developed a recyclable, mono-material film liner for bag-in-box cereal packaging. The company’s new Cereal+ liner is made from 100% polyethylene co-extruded film that contains up to nine layers.

“Cereal+ has launched with three cereal brands in the UK, with more launches anticipated in the next month,” Sujoy Bose, Sales Director, Coveris, told PlasticsToday.

The liner provides shelf life comparable to that of conventional cereal box liners, ensuring product protection and freshness for cereals and other dry foods. Cereal+ offers high mechanical strength and puncture resistance, excellent sealing properties, and easy-peel opening for consumers.

Multiple Cereal+ liner structures are available to meet the requirements of different applications. The Coveris Film Science Laboratory performs analytical testing, including moisture vapor transition rate (MVTR) tests, to help customers choose the liner best suited to their product.

“Our Cereal+ liners for bag-in-box and catering applications are five-layer co-extruded films. For products requiring barrier properties, Coveris has the capabilities to manufacture seven- and nine-layer Cereal+ films for performance and shelf life,” Bose explained.

As for recycling the liners, it all depends on local norms and programs. “Coveris’ Cereal+ liners are recyclable within polyethylene recycling infrastructures, which do vary from country to country and even within local authorities or districts,” Bose said. “Recycling opportunities can include curbside collections and in-store recycling facilities, where available. We work with brands on the recycling information that can be communicated to consumers to maximize cereal liner recycling.”

Cereal+ liners are manufactured at the Coveris Winsford plant in Cheshire, England. The company recently announced an investment of more than £6 million ($8.3 million) in equipment and infrastructure at its Winsford site.

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