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The medical cannabis industry is growing—literally and figuratively—with no signs of slowing down as its become the fastest growing industry. By 2018, medical marijuana is projected to hit $5 billion, according to reports. Capitalizing on this booming sector is Green Technology Solutions (GTSO; San Jose, CA), a company which provides business support, delivery system products and horticultural technology support. GTSO partnered up with 6th Dimension Technologies, a 3D printing firm, to engineer an innovative, stylish and cost-effective cannabis container that is childproof.

Kari Embree

December 22, 2015

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GTSO uses 3D-printing technology to design childproof cannabis packaging


Image courtesy cottchan/freedigitalphotos.net.

Currently, the company is prototyping multiple locking mechanisms using 3D printing technology in order to create the most robust and effective method of child-safe cannabis containers to hit the rapidly growing market.

“We’re working to engineer a rigid container that can be easily opened by an adult but remains inaccessible to small children,” said GTSO CEO Wallace W. Browne.

“We’re exploring a wide variety of potential production methods, including additive manufacturing, injection molding and milling. The prototypes that receive the best feedback from our focus groups will be patented.”

Right now, GTSO is currently testing the Lock Box for possible production, which features a sliding lid mechanism that requires adult strength to operate. The company is still experimenting with sizes and materials for a possible manufacturing run and plans to debut its first child-safe product in early 2016 in order to capitalize on the record growth of the medical and adult-use cannabis markets in the U.S. and Canada.

As these markets continue to expand, GTSO plans to keep developing new tools to help cannabis wholesalers, retailers and consumers safeguard the potency, quality and safety of their products.

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