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Aragonite Enterprises has launched a new performance enhancer for the plastics industry. Incorporating a patented ion process technology from CMS Technology, the company is now supplying microbial controlling performance mineral and masterbatches produced with its renewable and sustainable performance mineral.

PlasticsToday Staff

March 24, 2014

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New product delivers microbial defense against a range of bacteria in plastic packaging

"This new product is unlike anything currently on the market," said Marc Goldenberg, COO of U.S. Aragonite Enterprises. "The CMS Technology formula combined with Oshenite is an extremely effective dispersion enhancer that improves physical performance and delivers microbial defense against a wide range of bacteria. Due to the very high surface area and zeta potential, Oshenite proved to be an ideal carrier for Fusionite to perform in plastics."

Fusionite works by evenly dispersing a CMS active ingredient throughout the material's structure, which the company claims results in cleaner and safer materials. Oshenite is reportedly an extremely effective carrier for the ingredient and the combination of the renewable Oshenite mineral's zeta potential and the microbial shield and strengthening properties of Fusionite delivers a formidable and sustainable solution to plastics packaging most particularly desired in the medical packaging, food packaging and odor control industries.

The CMS Fusionite, in the Oshenite-MHP, inhibits bacteria that cause foodborne illnesses, odors, mold, mildew and algae in a wide range of packaging and consumer good applications for an extended period of time under a wide range of temperatures. Oshenite-MHP is non-toxic and FDA approved for direct food contact applications.

"The Fusionite technology from CMS combined with the Oshenite performance mineral translates to a real breakthrough product for the plastics industry," said CMS Technology Chairman Jim Burns. 

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