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"The return of the machines" was an appropriate theme for NPE2012.There was roughly about 15 million pounds of freight shipped into the Orange County Convention Center at NPE2012, according to SPI. The energy usage for the machinery was a new record for the OCCC, which invested $4 million to get ready for the show.

Heather Caliendo

April 17, 2012

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NPE2012 Packaging Overview: Machines

"The return of the machines" was an appropriate theme for NPE2012.

There was roughly about 15 million pounds of freight shipped into the Orange County Convention Center at NPE2012, according to SPI. The energy usage for the machinery was a new record for the OCCC, which invested $4 million to get ready for the show.

As PlasticsToday has provided NPE2012 coverage before, during, and after the show, here's a collection of various packaging machinery and technology at NPE2012:

Davis-Standard talked triple lip air ring and vertex die technology

David-Standard said its triple lip air ring provides fast gauge control via the manipulation of all three airstreams.

The triple lip requires only one air ring, blower and chiller. It has a counter-cooling concept along the hi-stalk and an easily adjustable elevator system. When used in conjunction with Davis-Standard's dies, processors can achieve high internal and external cooling rates, Rick Keller, vp of Davis-Standard's blown film systems told PlasticsToday at booth #5945.

This technology enables processors to have a wider production range and improved outputs with a BUR (blow up ratio) of 2.0:1 to 4.4:1. Initial studies showed performance increases in a 30 to 40% range with thickness control bringing film production closer to minimum targets. In addition, maintenance is easier with reduced wax and oil contamination on the air ring lips.

Davis-Standard is currently integrating the triple ring control software into its integrator control system. A triple lip is also available for trials at Davis-Standard's blown film lab in Bridgewater, NJ.

battenfeld-cincinnati introduced multi-touch roll stack system

battenfeld-cincinnati USA introduced its new multi-touch roll stack, suitable for PP extrusion.

The sheet passes through a number of polishing nips. The first two rolls have a larger diameter for low deflection; the following rolls are smaller in order to enable the production of an even, stress-free sheet with quicker cooler side changes, according to the company.

The nip pressure between the rolls ensures that no air will be trapped between the rolls and the sheet, even at higher line speeds. This in turn leads to an optimal heat transmission and quick cooling for higher transparency and surface gloss, particularly in PP applications.

Due to its modular design, the multi-touch roll stack can be adapted to the expected throughput by adding more rolls. The first multi-touch roll stack has been in use in the field for a few months.

Addex showcased two new gauge-control enhancement systems

Addex Inc. unveiled two new gauge-control enhancement systems to help processors optimize the bubble control system, reduce scrap, and meet product specifications.

Addex's new gauging system, called ALF (All LayFlat), locates the sensor within the collapsing frame itself, and is able to accommodate a wide range of layflat widths. In preliminary testing, Addex reported that one blown film processor was able to run the system on layflats ranging from 30 to 100 in.

"Our system eliminates the live ring and thus eliminates the previous limits on the range of bubble diameters," said Rick von Kraus, president of Addex Inc.

The unit provides simplified installation by eliminating "time-consuming" wiring when integrated with the company's air-ring based external gauge control system. The company offers a two-sensor system, which allows readings to be taken on both sides of the collapsing frame.

Addex also introduced a new infrared-based sensor that allows online thickness measurement of barrier materials such as nylon and EVOH within multilayer structures for food packaging. The infrared system can distinguish between layers instead of providing an overall thickness gauge.

Addex said both gauge-control products have been installed in commercial applications in North America.

Amsler announced expanded leak testing capabilities

Stretch blowmolding machine manufacturer W. Amsler Equipment Inc. announced several new features and capabilities for its line of leak testers.

Among the new products is a flying head leak tester with timing screw for difficult-to- process bottles and a high-output single-head unit. 598489.jpg

The flying head design, which provides high output, flexibility, and tool-free changeovers, now comes with a timing screw for easier bottle handling and more precise positioning on the conveyor. The unit uses a timing screw and pneumatic gating to orient and process more difficult bottles, particularly those that shingle.

The five-head unit, which runs up to 250 bottles/min is for plastic containers up to 2 liters for beverage, personal-care, consumer goods, and other markets.

Amsler also introduced a simple, single-head flying head leak tester that can be built onto an existing conveyor line without requiring modification to the existing line.

These new leak testing features and capabilities are fully tested and commercially available.

Amsler also announced the availability of servo stretch rods for its complete line of all-electric reheat stretch-blow machinery.

"We've taken an already highly efficient machine and made it even more energy efficient," said Werner Amsler, president of Amsler. "Our machines are now able to offer a new level of cost savings and at the same time, increased output."

Compared to pneumatic versions, servo stretch rods provide the user with more precise control over the stretching process and reduced cycle time, said Amsler. Servo stretch rods also provide lower power consumption, saving 5 kW/h of energy.

Servo stretch rods are offered as an option on all of Amsler's all-electric reheat stretch-blow molding machines.

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