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Perrier Bottle Redesign Was 160 Years in the Making

Limited-edition bottle of sparkling water celebrates the 160th anniversary of the iconic brand.

October 30, 2023

To celebrate its 160th anniversary with panache, Perrier reimagined the iconic green bottle with the limited-edition Perrier + Starck. The one-of-a-kind bottle was launched in the international market starting in mid-October 2023.

The project was handled by visionary creator Philippe Starck, who is considered “one of most renowned creators of the international contemporary design scene.”

Starck’s revision makes the Perrier bottle distinct and elegant, without compromising the distinctive shape.

“[Perrier] is an international icon, but is incredibly French,” says Starck. 

It’s available in 31.1 cl (shown) and 72.2 cl sizes, which is 10.5 ounce and 24.4 ounce.

The grooved design is reminiscent of a tequila bottle design that mimics a vinyl record that Packaging Digest reported mid-October. The inspiration for Starck was sparked by Fresnel optical lens and the way it diffracts light. The Perrier bottle’s thin horizontal streaks across the glass surface create visual interest through a play on optics and light.

What Starck has come up with is bottled art. The video tells the story.

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