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A bigger Battenfeld

August 23, 2008

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A bigger Battenfeld

A brand-new, surprisingly compact 650-tonner with enough room between the bars to fit even your big molds was recently added by Battenfeld of America Inc. (S. Elgin, IL) to its HM series of high-precision hydraulics. It?s engineered for low noise, low energy consumption, and low maintenance, and is highly adaptable to special jobs requiring optional add-ons.

The HM 650 has four symmetrically positioned clamping cylinders plus external fast-stroke cylinders with differential gearing and a centrally located ejector to ensure symmetrical force transmission and fast, uniform clamping force. Big linear guides in the moving platen ensure precise platen parallelism, even when you?ve got the pedal to the metal. Only minimal lubrication is required on the guides, so you can run the new 650 in a cleanroom, Battenfeld sources say.

Two outboard pulling cylinders for its super-rigid and robust shooter add to its compact design. Screws come with a uniform 22:1 L/D. Maximum injection pressure is 43,530 psi, injection stroke can go up to 5D, and its maximum injection speed is about a foot per second (300 mm/sec). Special screws like Battenfeld?s Rapidmelt are available and you can swap out up to four different screw diameters in the same barrel.Ease of operation and maintenance, reliability, energy-efficient pumping, optional overlapping of different phases of the cycle . . . and there?s one more: The new 650-tonners come equipped with Battenfeld?s powerful new Unilog B6 control as standard (see immnet.com/product_news/2007/July/2145 for details).?CK

Battenfeld of America Inc.

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