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A direct-drive demoA direct-drive demo

August 23, 2008

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A direct-drive demo

A 30-ton all-direct-drive, all-electric model of Sumitomo?s (Norcross, GA) new SE-DU series of machines with 12.20 by 11.41 inches between its tiebars was demonstrated at MassPlastics 2006. SE-DUs (20-198 tons) feature Sumitomo?s clean, repeatable, durable, and belt-free AC servomotors, which are equipped with digital sensors for high-precision, all-inclusive closed-loop control over plasticating, injection, clamping, and ejection.

Among its many other features, SE-DU machines feature the company?s clamp force correction system. It uses a tiebar-mounted strain gauge that is unaffected by the mold?s thermal expansion to accurately measure clamp tonnage.

SE-DU machines can also be equipped with Sumitomo?s SK-II Control option?control software and a specially designed screw tip assembly?which makes it easy for you to achieve repeatable injection filling precision and peak pressure stability.

In addition to Sumitomo?s new PC-based, multiported N-9 control as standard, SE-DUs come with the backing of the company?s comprehensive customer satisfaction program, which includes, among other things, three days of in-plant training and processing assistance for free.?CK

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