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Albemarle adds phosphorous-free FR facility in ChinaAlbemarle adds phosphorous-free FR facility in China

December 20, 2007

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Albemarle adds phosphorous-free FR facility in China

Flame-retardant supplier Albemarle (Baton Rouge, LA) expanded production of its phosphorus-based NcendX(R) P-30 flame retardant with a new manufacturing unit in Nanjing, China, which will open in the second quarter of 2008. Albemarle currently produces the NcendX flame retardant in Orangeburg, SC, but it will convert that line to another product and set an initial capacity target in China of 4000 tonnes/yr.

The flame retardants are used in electronic enclosure plastics such as PC/ABS and PPE/HIPS. The company says the additives liquid form improves resin melt flow and exhibits good thermal and hydrolytic stability as well as low migration and volatility during processing and end use.

Albemarle already announced plans to take majority stakes in its two Chinese joint ventures: Ningbo Jinhai Albemarle Chemical & Industry Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Jinhai Albemarle Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd. Subject to Chinese approval, the moves would up Albemarle’s ownership in the businesses, which opened in 2000, from 25% to 75%. The Jinhai operation supplies antioxidants to Chinese petrochemical companies, with Albemarle planning to expand to some export business as well.—[email protected]

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