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Aluminum Profile Systems Augment EOAT Offerings

June 1, 2001

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Aluminum Profile Systems Augment EOAT Offerings

June, 2001

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Aluminum Profile SystemsAugment EOAT Offerings

In our March "Industry News" section, we wrote about end-of-arm tooling supplier >ATS< (Automation Technology Schwope, Inc.) establishing itself in the U.S. (Mar '01PA, p 33). The company has developed a new EOAT system, but before we cover that, we thought we'd provide a little detail on the company's core product line, which is new to the U.S. market.

The company offers four EOAT building systems: the Mini, the X (or 'standard'), the Jumbo and the new Light. The Mini system can be used to build EOAT that will handle small parts up to 2.5 lb. The X system can be used to build EOAT from 2 to 22 lb and the Jumbo from 22 lb and up.

Each system includes such components as quick-change chucks, base plates, mounting clamps, gripper arms/fingers, vacuum cups, sprue/gripper pliers, necessary pneumatic fittings, hoses and aluminum profiles.

The new Light system is actually a hybrid of the Mini and X systems and is designed to build EOAT for smaller parts in multi-cavity molds or for applications where space is limited. Key to the Light system are two new aluminum profile sizes, the Light 18/10 (18 mm wide x 10 mm high) and the Light 18/18 (18 mm wide x 18 mm high).

These profiles have standardized profile grooves that fit the X system, so the Light system can be used to builda stand-alone Mini EOAT, or it canalso be used to complement the larger X system.

The Light 18/18 has two grooves that are positioned opposite each other, which makes it possible to simply attach the fastening and gripping elements to the upper channel. The lower channel will accommodate such other attachments as base plates and connectors, without damaging the profile because the Light system uses the same channel nuts as the X system.

Pricing for all parts is available upon request and is said to be competitive; check our Key Contact Directory, p 39.

>ATS<, Inc.
Farmington Hills, MI Circle 111

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