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Annealing ovens speed lens production

Lens processors, take note: new annealing oven designs are said to be both space saving and easy to automate, offering more bang for your buck. Beyond lens processing, ovens also are available in applications requiring pre-shrinking of components and for other uses.

PlasticsToday Staff

August 7, 2009

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Annealing ovens speed lens production

Mike Blumberg, sales manager at Infratrol Manufacturing Corp. (New Berlin, WI), well known as a manufacturer of industrial paint and powder coating systems, says his company has developed a new plastic component annealing oven with a space saving vertical, gimbaled conveyor. The oven is said to maintain a very close temperature tolerance for quality control. Parts handling can be through-fed with loading on one side and unloading on the other side of the oven, or with loading and unloading from the same position. Automated loading and unloading can be realized.

Although most sales in the past have been to processors of automotive lenses for annealing of these (typically at 185ºF for about 20 minutes), Blumberg told MPW that some processors from non-automotive markets also are interested in these ovens, and he believes there maybe other applications yet to be tapped. —[email protected]

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