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November 1, 2005

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Barrier screw for high-pressure HDPE applications

A barrier screw for fractional melt HDPE in high-pressure applications is used with smooth-feed extruders and provides up to 20% output increases when backpressure is 3500 psi or greater, compared to previous designs. The HP2 (high pressure/high performance) is suited to HDPE pipe, sheet, small profile, and blowmolding applications where the die is restrictive. The design is said to maintain excellent melt quality and pressure stability for outstanding dimensional control. Throughput improvements and scrap reductions can reportedly provide a payback for a screw replacement in less than a month or two.
Performance characteristics of the HP2 screw were benchmarked against the Steward barrier screw. The company conducts feed screw trials in its laboratory when applications call for unique processing conditions, materials, additives, fillers, or a combination of these.

American Kuhne Inc., Norwich, CT
(860) 886-7745; www.americankuhne.com

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