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Better stepped-part machining

August 23, 2008

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Better stepped-part machining

A new control technology from Makino (Auburn Hills, MI) called SurfaceWizard reportedly provides exceptional surface quality in applications where the part has either a variable shape thickness or sudden changes in thickness, such as a stepped part. Stepped parts that are wire EDM?ed by more conventional means often leave a witness line at the transition from one step thickness to the next. And such parts often have a taper with variations in straightness across the machined surface.

SurfaceWizard virtually eliminates witness lines and maintains part straightness to within 5 µm in one pass and to within 2.5 µm in two-pass machining, according to the company. The technology is for tool steels up to 4 inches thick, and will support 0.008-inch- and 0.010-inch-diameter wires with one- and two-pass conditions. And it?s standard on all Makino SP and U Series wire EDMs equipped with the company?s MGW-S5 control.?CK


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