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Plastics consultant Bill Tobin is opinionated and very knowledgeable too, as readers of his articles in IMM know.

Matt Defosse

January 17, 2011

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Bill Tobin on the supplier management warpath


In this recent blog post at his website, he takes to task those plastics processors who don't stand up to the sometimes ridiculous demands of their customers. Bill on his own blog post: "You can read this, agree with it and then bow and scrape as your supplier bullies you. Keep in mind they aren't paying you for financial reporting, the time wasted on vendor visits or the arguments of not complying to CpK but still shipping usable parts.

OR you can read this and take a stand.  If you don't want problems, learn to say 'no' politely and firmly. The philosophy of Supplier Management is really a game of cat and mouse. You're the Mouse.  The cat stops playing when either it had killed the mouse, or the mouse fights back. Think about it."

Don't be a mouse, and read the entire blog post on "The myth of supplier management" here.—[email protected]

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